Hair Restoration

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Non-Surgical Hair Restoration is an affordable, non-invasive system that will give you, not only your hair back within hours, It will restore your confidence and make you feel younger and more secure in even the most active of lifestyles.


Our restoration system is a selection of unique hair replacements, combining high-tech aesthetics with natural looking designs to easily regain your hair without surgery. This system adapts to all types of hair loss. Our solutions are made with extreme finesse by color matching your existing hair and customizing your desired style. Our hair replacement system has a unique hair ventilating process, preserving the integrity of the hair throughout the knotting stage of production allowing for a more natural look.


Given the sensitivity of this process.. we are providing a private, more intimate setting with each client that is a candidate for this service. All appointments will be scheduled during low traffic business hours or you can request to be seen in a completely private setting.

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