Blades Salon and Day Spa Post COVID-19 Update


Dear Blades Family, 

Let me start by saying that we have missed you more than you will ever know. The time that we have been away has been a learning curve for us all. Even though we’ve managed to use our time wisely, by taking advantage of the extra hours with our families, taking online courses to serve you better, as well as taking care of long overdue projects. WELL THAT’S ABOUT ENOUGH OF THAT!! We are so happy to be back! This is what we love! This is what we do! This is where we want to be! Right here with all of you beautiful people. We want to hear all about what you’ve been up to! We want to spend our time making you feel and look more beautiful than you already are!

With that said, our new normal comes with some new rules. We want to take the time to make you feel a little more comfortable while you are visiting us. We are making sure to take all the extra precautions to keep everyone safe while visiting Blades Salon and Day Spa. You are our responsibility while you are visiting us. 


Here is what we are doing to keep you safe.  

  • All staff will have a temperature check before entering. 

  • No staff will be allowed to work with flu-like symptoms.

  • All staff will wear a mask at all times.

  • Your stylist may be working from a different area than what you are accustomed, to allow for the best use of our space. 

  • We have implemented altered work schedules so that we are allowing for better social distancing while in the salon and spa.

  • Our work areas will only consist of necessary items to allow for easier disinfecting. 

  • You will notice some things are missing. Furniture, magazines, different fabrics, our beverage area etc. So that we might utilize our space better and create a space that is free from germs. 

  • Our doors will be locked to walk in traffic. Make sure you have an appointment. Remember, we can’t wait to see you too. 

  • We have created 2 hand washing stations in addition to our bathroom.

  • We will have hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE.

  • In addition to our normal cleaning and sanitation routine, we have implemented a circulating cleaning system among our staff every hour. You will see those schedules  posted throughout the building. 

  • We will have one way traffic in and out of the building that we have never done before, in order to create a better flow for you. Your provider will help guide you through these steps. 

  • We will no longer be double booking our services.


We will also need your help with a few things.

  • Make sure you schedule in advance. You can do this @     or by calling 270-825-4040. 

  • We will not accept walk in clientele at this time. 

  •  If you are visiting us for a hair appointment, please make sure your hair is clean and dry before you arrive for your appointment. Dirty hair means germy hair. 

  • Please arrive for your appointment early and wait in your car. Your provider will give you a call or text to let you know to meet them on the back porch. 

  • Please leave all unnecessary items in your car. 

  • Your provider/staff will administer a temperature check and ask a series of questions before you are permitted  into the building. 

  • If you are sick, STAY HOME!

  • Don’t forget your mask!! You will be required to wear a mask at all times during your services. 

  • Upon entry, you will be escorted to a hand washing station.

  • You will be escorted to your provider's station. (remember it may be in a different area)

  • Do not bring guests with you to your appointment. You must attend your appointment SOLO. Our guidelines say one person per provider. NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Please stay with your provider at all times or in the area they have placed you so that we are able to be socially distant at all times. Salon/Spa atmosphere requires movement throughout the building and we want to protect everyone. If you see a friend to chat with, we would love that! You must do that from a distance. 

  • Above all! Please be patient with us! We’ve never had to do this before and we are doing the best we can. We love each and  every one of you!


For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at 270-825-4040. Again, we look forward to seeing you and your smiling faces. 


  • Elizabeth and the Staff at Blades Salon and Day Spa